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RWT Toedter LLC

Civil & Structural Engineering


The soundness & reliability of character in our team of professionals and in our products is upheld to the highest standards.


The action of meeting the needs of our clients and community is the motivation of our company.


Operating within a frame of respect manifests in a product of excellence and clients that are empowered to read their visions.

About Us

Our journey as a company began in 2010. After many years of mentoring and managing other engineers and firms, our Founder brought together a group of enthusiastic and committed professionals to better service our clients and the communities they live in. Since 2010, RW Toedter LLC has grown substantially in revenue each year by referrals alone, with no sign of slowing down. Designing everything from bunkers in the Far East and theme park attractions to playgrounds and remodeled homes we believe each project warrants the same level of integrity and care. This has resulted in us being one of the most diverse and talented engineering firms in Southern California, if not the country.

Civil + Structural
Project Planning
Design + Execution

The Time Is Now.

"The qualities, abilities and achievements our team offers to clients, communities & the environment result in providing services product design and moral support to all we work with."

Responsibility and duty to achieve our promises are the core of our operations.


Advanced and creative original ideas translate in designing a product that meets the needs of our clients and environment beyond the typical scope of service offered by other engineer firms.

Cost Effective

RWT LLC has been successful in producing a desired and intended result, practical and essential methods applied to individual problems result in an impressive product that is always cost effective.

Environmentally Conscious

The engineering philosophy of RWT LLC takes environmental aspects of a products design and impact seriously. Awareness of the consequences of any project is examined and designed to improve our clients lives and sustain our environment.